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Things people throw away !

Spring is in the air! 

It is SPRING time and you can feel it in the air, the brisk walk and dance in everyone's shoes. There is so much stuff that we accumulate through the years and hoard and sometimes we do not reallize how it al piles up. Then over time we built it up until we need to get hold of a RUBBLE SERVICES company like Rubble Removals JHB and they need to come along and remove it.

Psychologist say that when we hoard things, we sometimes do not want to let go of the past or we are keeping stuff for our own security, what if we needed it again, what if we needed to use that old cupboard, or the brass bed in the garage. So we keep it and it accumulates dust!

So how about shedding some of that household rubble, rubbish and while we at it, get that garden rubble out.






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